Forever in Blue Jeans

One of the people who I am most grateful for in my life is Rob Lee.  He is my partner in life, partner in crime, partner in business, partner in pet-parenting, and partner in pretty much every other corner of my life.  Otherwise known as “the General,” he is liked by all, and one of his most charming characteristics  is that you can take him anywhere.  He prefers not wearing a suit, but he’s the kind of guy that you can take to a black tie event, on a hunting trip, or as a chaperone on a girls’ night.

Today is a milestone for us as we celebrate our 8th Anniversary married!  While I feel like there are many parts of our marriage that come wonderfully easy, marriage is hard work, and I consider our marriage one of my/our biggest accomplishments.  We work hard at it and I am proud of us!  This is us 11 years ago the night we decided to get married.  That was a great night 🙂


When you go through the psych analysis to donate a kidney, one of the topics that is covered in depth is the details about your support system.  They ask what your spouse thinks, and what you would do if your spouse decided further into the donation process that they actually DON’T want you to donate a kidney.

Rob is 100% behind me in my kidney donation, and I am really grateful for that from the deepest part of my heart.  I really don’t know if I would want to do this if I didn’t have his support.  I imagine I would feel resentment, hurt and frustration if I didn’t have his support.  It wouldn’t be an adventure or a journey, it would be an event that gave me happiness while making him unhappy.  That really wouldn’t work for me.

So thanks you Rob, for being a rock, and for supporting me unconditionally through this.  I am a lucky woman to have you, and if I don’t tell you that enough, I hope you know, and I hope you know how important your support is to me in THIS.  People can’t do this without somebody like you by their side, and I never had to question that you would be there.  I hope that I can be like you, for you, the next time you do something that requires my love, encouragement, and support.

Happy Anniversary!  Looking forward to a lifetime more!

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