The KID in Kidney


Laurie is one of my closest friends on this Earth. We have shared a lot of everything. We are always there for each other. Sometimes are easier than others, and most of the time our togetherness attracts complete ridiculousness 🙂


Laurie was studying at the University of MT when we met. I was working at a ranch store living a very carefree hippy life. Our friendship grew along with us. When she moved to Costa Rica it was hard (even now I cried after I wrote that) BUT our friendship grew even stronger! I became pregnant. From afar she was one of my strongest supports. She got married. I had another kid.

Our lives and friendship growing year after year. We live very different lives now. Very much city mouse & country mountain mouse. Neither where we thought we would be 11 years ago. She has given me so much encouragement to be a mom. She lifts up all her mom friends, admiring us all for different reasons. Especially on the days I’m not sure I know what I’m doing. She is there to help me through it. It’s always made me wonder… Is Laurie going to be a mom ever? She is to animals. Although, that is not the same. I promise you it’s not. For 10 years I thought that, & then 1st hand found out it’s not. However, the bond with animals is for life and is its own thing of love. Laurie loves that thing & is really good at it. I’m sure there are people out there that want Laurie to know what it’s like to have child. To give & nurture human life. They may even see her as missing the boat of parenthood by doing the ‘kidney thing’. I think it’s important to REALLY see that there is more than 1 way to give life- and even though she is choosing an nontraditional way of doing that, we can still meet her where she is and relate to her with our experiences giving life as parents.


When Laurie told me about her kidney donation my stomach dropped instantly to the ground. In that same instance Laurie was now answering all my questions. I knew why- that was never really needed. I know how Dan changed her focus on organ donors. My questions were what are your risks to your body type things. She answered every one. By the end of the conversation I felt such admiration and pride for someone I love.

beth-picThis past spring Laurie held my hands & my family as we said good-bye to my mom. I’m so happy that she is helping someone have a longer life and not have their loved ones feel that sort of pain. She is doing this for a complete stranger. She has chosen this to be the life she gives and what a beautiful thing that is!

She has given my son- whom she is “mothergod” to- & daughter such a wonderful story to learn by.  She has helped spread knowledge on living donors.  She is helping save lives.  So glad to call this true lover of life my friend. Wishing all positive love to Laurie on this amazing part of her journey.

4 thoughts on “The KID in Kidney

  1. So beautiful! Laurie, it makes me so happy to know you are surrounded by people that love and support you so much! You certainly are a “true lover of life”!


  2. I cannot express how thankful I am to have Laurie in my life. Very few acts I have seen in my life give me the kind of inspiration this provokes. Words are not enough to express the feeling this gives me. Thank you!


  3. Thanks guys! And thanks for the nice blog post Beth! You put a lot of words to the whole kidney/kid thing for me, you know me well, and I am thankful for your clan everyday. And you ARE an awesome mother, your kids are the proof in the pudding!


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