Bah Humbug

Today marks 8 days into a smooth recovery!

The surgery went perfectly, Dr Ladner took about 2 hours to complete the surgery, and the kidney I am told, is a pretty one!  We know that the kidney was successfully transplanted into somebody in Houston, and that they are thriving today.  The recipient’s donor (who was not a match but able to donate), had their kidney shipped to CA for the second transplant in the chain.  The third transplant should be taking place this week sometime.  At this point in time, I know that my donation resulted in a minimum of 3 lifesaving transplants, but the chain has not ended yet, so it could be more.  I feel great about this and am relieved to know that my kidney is doing well in it’s new home.

My hospital stay was 24 hours, and the care there was fantastic.  I am a big fan of IV pain meds!  I broke a record by being the first person to walk a lap before being checked into my hospital room.  The morning after the surgery, I was able to walk a mile easily.  My stay at the hospital is blurry, but showered with lots of visits and warm wishes from friends and family.  Thanks to all who visited and called!  I wasn’t in any major pain the whole time I was there.

Here is a picture of my incisions.  The small 2 are for inserting laparoscopic instruments to cut the kidney free, and the big one is where they pulled the kidney out of my body.  The

laurie scarsIMG_0466.JPG

black is my pant line- the whole area is puffy because they fill your torso with air to extract the kidney.  The muscles are stitched together, but the incisions are glued, and this is pretty much what it has looked like since day 1.  The pain is what you would expect, and easily managed with pain meds.

So 8 days in, I am pretty much sleeping 10-15 hours a day.  It seems to be what my body needs, so I am going with it.  My pain is manageable and gets better daily.  I knew I was being optimistic in planning to be working from home this week, but am surprised and disappointed that my energy level is as low as it is.  There  is no way I could be working from home yet, I am too tired and not fully with it.

The biggest change is how I feel emotionally.  I just feel Bah Humbugish, irritable, and not my positive self.  I’m not regretful or unhappy, just not myself.  I suspect this has to do with the drugs and look forward to feeling myself soon.

I am thrilled that the recipient is thriving, and although they “are not ready to connect with me at this time,” I look forward to feeling more clear headed and refocusing on the amazing outcome that they are having, and digesting the beauty and happiness that lies there.  I am not really digesting all of that yet, and think that will be the next phase in this journey!


In the meantime, I am home!  I have a great support system, who I am really grateful for, and these loyal companions!

Thanks for reading,






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