Kidney Karma


Spirituality and religious views are diverse and plentiful in American society.   No matter what your particular view, most people have some sense that life does not end when the human body takes it’s final breath.   Science does prove to us that you cannot kill or destroy energy, is only turns into some other form.   Therein resides the source of speculation and debate.

For sake of this offering, I am sharing a perspective on kidney donation from the idea of karmic implications.    Most of us have some idea that what we do impacts future events.  We try to be thoughtful, careful and smart with our choices.   We may even say “what comes around goes around.”  Or “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”   The term karma has origins in eastern religious traditions and essentially means the sum total of your contributions or debits to date.  Your karmic condition is where you are at this moment in time based upon the life you are living, or the lives you have lived.

From a karmic perspective the reason a person donates a kidney has karmic origins.  Perhaps you  owed a kindness of significant proportion or you left a debt unpaid at some point in your existence.   Perhaps in this life or another life time you were rescued and your life was saved, and you are paying forward the generosity you received.  You are sustaining life, and potentially impacting an entire tribe of people from the inevitable loss that would occur without the donation.

Karma says balance will always be restored.   Until it is restored we continue to have experiences that will force equitability.    If you have found yourself in a position of donating a kidney, you are supposed to do so.  It is part of your karma.   Whether or not a kindness was bestowed upon you, perhaps you have a different karma to be of service in a selfless manner.   Perhaps you were not selfless in another lifetime or experience, and this is a manner in which you can equalize the karma of selfishness.  Or, perhaps you are on the way to becoming an enlightened being, and you simply want to maximize your energetic potential and be an instrument of service.  This would generate a karmic implication of significant positive impact.

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Where ever you fall in the spectrum of the creation of karmic balance or influence, kidney donation is a selfless and generous act.  It often is performed with anonymity.  Anonymity is the highest and most powerful form of giving that exists.   Kidney donation is a huge boost karmically to anyone who decides to give that gift.   In the act you put your own life at peril.   No matter how safe the procedure, no surgery is guaranteed to go off without a hitch.   You give to someone you may not even know or ever meet, or ever receive a “thank you” from.   For those of you have given a kidney, know that you have influenced karma in a very powerful way for yourself, as well as for your recipient.

To those who receive a kidney, this is their opportunity to honor the loving nature of a divine consciousness who seeks to heal and love.   They have been given an opportunity to live in an enlightened state of being because they were gifted.   It will forever be written on the slate of who they are that by the grace of God, a gift was bestowed upon them.  That will impact their psyche, their life, and the life of their loved ones, forever.

The message here is that karma is a reality of living.  Until all our karma is resolved we continue to live, grow and having experiences of all kinds.   Kidney donors are stacking the deck in their favor by selfless acts of generosity.   Kidney donors are executing God’s work.   Some might even call you Angels.  There is divine activity at play, living large in these scenarios no matter how you shape them.

The only thing left to say to a kidney donor is Thank you.   The only thing left for the kidney donor to do is to acknowledge to themselves that they been an instrument of divine intervention.  That is an honor bestowed on to a few.  Many kidney donors do not want to pat themselves on the back.  It’s appropriate to acknowledge that you have been an instrument of divine blessing in another person’s existence.  That itself is an honor.

You are good people.  You are angels on earth.  That is a spiritual truth.

With love and appreciation,

Phyllis King


Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 5.47.08 PMLovingly known as The Common-Sense Psychic. Phyllis King has worked with tens of thousands of people in 25 different countries. She is known for her practical and down to earth approach. She has been featured on, ABC, CBS and NBC TV, radio programs across the country, and has been published in over 70 print and online publications. Phyllis holds a B.A. in Sociology.

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