2nd Story, Pub 626

I discovered 2nd Story a few years ago, and was immediately drawn to their mission and core values:


We want to live in a world driven by empathy.

We believe that stories are what bind us to each other.

Therefore, we create spaces where people can share and deeply listen to one another’s stories.

Core Values

INCLUSION: We believe our lives and stories are richer when everyone is at the table.

CRAFT: We believe in approaching our work with skill and thoughtfulness.

COURAGE: We believe that creating change in the world takes fearlessness and grit. 

I ended up taking a story telling class for fun, and after a ton of feedback and revisions of this story, here is the result!  Thanks to the amazing crew at 2nd Story for the support and guidance! This experience, from start to finish has been cathartic and pushed my comfort zone in many ways.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to shape and share my story.



2 thoughts on “2nd Story, Pub 626

  1. You are so brave and beautiful, my friend!! I am so happy that you had this cathartic experience to share your story! And you did it with such poise and articulation! You are an inspiration!! Thank you for bringing light to organ donation, living donation, and connection with humanity! Love you lady!!


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