Happy National Cat Day. Meow.

Wohoo!  News to report finally, meow!

There is a chain in place!  A few weeks ago, meow, Northwestern called and indicated that there was a paired exchange that I was compatible with (in another hospital, likely another state).  I went in to donate blood so they could do a cross match.  The cross match was negative (which is good), meow, so we are cleared to move forward planning a surgery date!


I don’t know much other than this, meow.  There are 2 pairs at another hospital/2 other hospitals.  I will donate a kidney to pair 1 consisting of an organ recipient who has a friend or family member that wants to donate but is incompatible.  That incompatible friend/ family member, meow, donates their kidney to pair #2.  Pair #2 also consists of an organ recipient who has a friend or family member that wants to donate but is incompatible.  The person in need of a kidney gets one from pair #1.  Their friend or family member in pair #2 then sends their kidney back to Northwestern for donation.  That kidney will continue the chain to support a longer transplant chain, meow, OR it will go to someone on the transplant waiting list.  This will, at minimum, result in 3 kidney transplants and 3 saved lives.


They asked if I could donate Nov 17.  There is a big Transplant Village event/auction on the 19th, so I requested a date the week of Thanksgiving.  That week seems appropriate, as what better way to give thanks to this system that is saving lives!?   If, meow, the week of Thanksgiving isn’t possible, then it will be the 17th.  If it’s the 17th, we will have to think outside the litter box, and figure out how to manage this auction while recovering from the surgery.  You are invited, would love to see you at the event regardless!



3 thoughts on “Happy National Cat Day. Meow.

  1. Laurie, I’m so happy for you, I know how much this means to you. Thank you for educating me about living donation. Like Rob, when you first told me what you wanted to do I was a little taken back. I thought, why does she want to do this, even knowing your dad’s story, I didn’t get it, but I do now. Even starting to ask myself if this is something I could see in my future. It seems so easy, minus the points you make about cost and time off, which is what I would need to think about, but it’s not like you would go without something you’d miss. It’s not your arm….AND YOU ARE SAVING A LIFE!!!

    I hope the recipient knows that they’re getting a rock star, travel-loving, awesome chick kidney and when they wake up their new motto will be, you don’t know unless you try. They may also feel an urge to belt out Sinead O’Connors’, Nothing Compares or Meatloaf’s, I would do anything for love or will simply understand the meaning of a bosom friend. Lucky duck.

    I love you Laurie and am thankful you exist in this world and that I get to call you my friend.

    -Your forever bosom friend


  2. Thanks for reading my blog bosom bud, and for the kind words and support! I am lucky to have you in my life too!!!!! XXXOOO. May God help the recipient if Meatloaf in any way becomes part of their life!


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