Lefty Departs 11/22!

Good news!  The surgery date has been sent for 11/22/16!  That’s Thanksgiving week, which really seems appropriate to me!  What better time to give thanks!?

The next step is to go in for a pre-op appointment, and it sounds like it is mainly to go through details and make sure all of my parts are in working order since last time they did tests on me.

Two kidney fun facts I learned recently

  1.  Your kidney is a similar shape as your ear.  Often times when babies are born, if there is an issue with the ears, they look at the kidneys too.  Ear problems often point to kidney problems.  Thanks cousin Mikey for that fun fact!
  2. When they remove your kidney for donation, they typically take the left kidney, and not the right one.  This is because the renal vein  is supposed to be longer on your left side.  My left ureter will then be connected to my bladder.  Left donor kidneys are implanted on the recipient’s right side; right donor kidneys are implanted in the recipient’s left side. This allows the ureter to be accessed easily for connection to their bladder.  Unless there is a bad irreversible kidney infection, or cancer in the recipient’s body, they leave their kidneys in there!  So the recipient ends up with 3 kidneys.

Thanks for reading!




One thought on “Lefty Departs 11/22!

  1. What a great week to donate a body part to someone! I can only imagine that the recipient is as excited about this as you are! I had no idea that they left the old kidneys in, great info!


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